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Products & Services

​​This page contains a set of recommendations ​for products or services that do not yet exist or that would improve the performance or quality of products and services that are available today.

List of Ideas 

(Numbered in inverse, bottom-up sequence, most recent item displayed first)

9. True Life Insurance Policies

8. Forgotten Cred​it & Debit Cards

7. Implanted Radio Link Protocol Hearing Aid

6. Captions in Live TV Programs

5. Computer Terminals in Stores

4. Rounded Product Prices

3. Cell phone ring repeater

2. Plane Ticket Booking  Option

1. Dual Gas Feeders on (both Sides of) Cars (at the bottom of this page)

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9 - Title: True Life Insurance Policies​​

Subtitle: Group bets on longevity among same-age people

Description: Develop & implement collective savings plans for “health conscious” people offering financial incentives to those who live longer or the one who lives longest. (“True Life Insurance Policies”, which pay you if you live for long enough, as opposed to traditional “life insurance” policies, which pays your family when you die). Groups of same-age people (say fifty people who are 43) would deposit once and simultaneously  a certain amount of money (say ten thousand dollars) and designate the other group members as heirs of the 'share' (so excluding their families). The fund might have a certain long duration (e.g. twenty years). At such time, the fund balance is equally distributed among the survivors of the group. The fund may also expire when a predefined number of group members (for example, ninety percent of members) have passed away. (This idea originates in the XVII 'tontine' practice).

Potential Drivers: Financial Institutions

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​8 - Title: Forgotten Cred​it & Debit Cards

SubtitleMaking lost ​card return very easy for customers

Description:  Add  credit card management software the option for stores to report through the system a "forgotten​ card transaction".  When an employee in a store finds that a customer forgot his/her credit card, the employee will run the card in the workst​ation and report a "forgotten card" transaction.  When the system detects the 'report', it will send a message to the card owner to report the location of the card. A 'preferential'service could be the issue & mailing of a new card at a cost.​

Drivers: Financial institutions issuing credit & debit cards

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7 - ​Title: Implanted Radio Link Protocol Hearing Aid 

SubtitleBone (implanted) or teeth (removable) Radio Link Protocol Hearing Aid

Description:  This hearing aid has two components. Am external microphone that acts as the receiver of a cell phone (and looks very much​ like a cell phone) and a retransmitter that gets the signals form the microphone and converts them inot sound vibrations that travel through hearing impared person skull bones to the cochlea. The microphone is portable and the patient locates it at the most convenient place to collect the sound signals (for instant, the mouth of the person speaking in a one-to-one conversation.

Drivers: Designers & Manufacturers of hearing aids.


6 - Title: Captions in Live TV Programs

SubtitleDelaying live image some 3-4 seconds after simultaneous translation captions are displayed   

Description: When captions are generated for live TV programs (either in the same language of the event or in a different language), subtitles run some 3-4 seconds behind. If images are delayed those few seconds (this is, subtitles go first), viewers will see both show and captions 'almost' simultaneously (or. at least, closer than they get the two today.

Drivers: Video-recording studios​​

5 - ​​Title: Computer Terminals in Stores

Subtitle: Installing terminals in big stores that assist customers in the location of the products they are looking for

Description: Customers in big stores have trouble to find products. Some computer terminals, strategically located in the store, would help them to locate what they are looking for.

DriversCorporations & owners of big stores. Examples: Walmart, Target, Publix.


4 - Title: Rounded Product Prices 

Sub​title: Setting product prices in such a way that, after adding sales tax, total price is a "rounded" figure that minimizes the need of small change when buyers pay in cash

Description: Handling small cash is cumbersome, error prone and time consuming. Rounded figures will always facilitate data entry & reduce input errors. 
Drivers: Store owners 


3- Title: Cell phone ring repeater 

Subti​tle: Device that rings simulateously to a phone when this receives a call

Description: Design a small device to be associated with a cell phone number that rings when this number recieves call. This device remains at a specific place in the phone owner home (like the place where the land line phone used to be located). When workers return home very often leave their phone in their porfolios or clothes, and often they miss calls.
Drivers: Cell phone manufacturers 


​​2 - Title: Plane Ticket Booking  Option

Subti​tle: Offer travellers the option to book plane tickets at a non-rembursable booking  fee

Description: Offer customers the option to buy non-transferable seat reservations on certain flights several days in advance to actual flight date. Customers will pay a certain predefined fee price that they will be part of the full ticket price (when they decide to buy the ticket) or lose it (should they decide not to travel).sign a small device to be associated with a cell phone number that rings when this number recieves call. Customers would secure seats & price on a flight when they are not yet certain about their trip while risking a lesser amount of money should they decide not to travel. Airlines will receive extra income and have a better forecast of seat occupancy. 
Drivers: Airlines 


1- Title: Dual Gas Feeders on (both Sides of) Cars  

Subtitle: Add a second gas feeder to new cars to facilitate gas filling at gas stations. 

Description: Cars have one gas feeder feed. In U. S., it is commonly located on the left side (the driver's side) of the car. Feeding from the opposite side is... cumbersone and it creates the need for two different kinds of lines for waiting turn. A dual or duplicated feeder would eliminate the need for two different lines.  

Drivers: Car manufacturers