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​​​This page contains recommendations about  improvements in  areas that do not fit within the domain of other headings 

List of Ideas 

(Numbered in inverse, bottom-up sequence, most recent item displayed first)

​2. Return signs indicating drivers that certain crossings & places are in the opposite direction

1. Alternative to Shootouts to Break Draws  in Football (American soccer) Matches

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​​​2- Title: Return signs indicating drivers that certain crossings & places are in the opposite direction 

SubtitlePlace U-turn signs on certain road after some important directions might have been missed.

Description: Have you ever missed a road crossing it ever happened to you and keep driving in the wrong way? (This might happen even when you are using your GPS, which normally tells you so and the device gets temporarily ‘disoriented’.) This may be avoided by placing U-turn signs indicating that, if you are looking for a town, a touristic place, a highway or a certain restaurant or store. Drivers would know that they have to go back. Sign commonly advise about what is ahead. This recommendation might save a lot of time and gas.  

Drivers of this idea: Managers of businesses that demand visitors, traffic authorities, and, why not, gas stations.


1- Title: Alternative to Shootouts to Break Draws  in Football (American soccer) Matches

SubtitleReplace shootouts at the end of tournament matches for the counts of corner shoots minus the count of faults during the game. Corner shoots are added to one-hundred and faults are subtracted from that figure. 

Description: When the official time finishes with a draw, many of the crucial matches in football tournaments (either the champion match or some of the games to define the teams that move to the next round) get defined through penalty shootouts. This recommendation is an alternative to the unfairness of the current approach: Some 10 or a few more penalty shoots after quite many matches and hours. This proposal recommends the use of two factors:  (1) the number corner shoots of each team (which somehow measures team dominance during the match), and (2) the number of faults (which is a clear measure of dirty playing).  Item 1 would be added to 100; item 2 would be subtracted. The team with a higher figure is the winner. In the unlikely case of a draw, yes, the match should go to shootouts.

Drivers: FIFA and its affiliate associations