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​Languages & Communications

This ​​​​​page contains suggestions that might improve human communications through rather simple language use ideas.  

List of Ideas 

(Numbered in inverse, bottom-up sequence, most recent item displayed first)

3. Inter-language World Alphabet

2. Captions in Live TV Programs​

1. Words Usage​

​3 - Title: Inter-language World Alphabet

Subtitle: Develop an inter-language worldwide alphabet to facilitate word spelling, particularly between people speaking different languages.

Description: The standard alphabet would use the initial letter of 'worldwide' known words: America, Buddha, Carnival, Delta... Spelling words which are new for the listener permanently require the spelling of names, locations and uncommon terms. Spelling is a slow & confusing activity that demands permanent repetition. People tend to use non-standard nouns (America, Belgium, Canada... or Albert, Bob, Charlie...) with all kind of misunderstandings (Philipines or Filipinas, Colombia or Kolumbien). There might be more than one set of alphabets (one for each "broad" lingusitic group?) 

DriversThe United Nations Educational, Cultural & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is first candidate. If brand names  (as Apple, Microsoft, Delta, Exxon...) are considered for use​ as letters of the alphabet, the company owners of the brand name might be highly interested in financing this project.

2 - ​​​Title: Captions in Live TV Programs

Subtitle: Delaying live images some 3-4 seconds v​ersus simultaneous translation captions    

Description: When captions are generated for live TV programs, either in the same language of the event (for hearing impaired people) or in a different language, subtitles run some 3-4 seconds behind. If images are delayed those few seconds (this is, subtitles go ahead), viewers will see both voices and captions 'almost' simultaneously (or. at least, closer to the actual delivery of the sentences.


1 - Title: Words Usage

Subtitle: Specification in dictionaries of the frequency of words usage

​DescriptionMost words have more than meaning and each meaning usually has several synonyms. It will prove very useful for dictionary users (particularly for users looking for words in a second language) some data or guideline about the usage frequency of each alternative.. ​

Drivers: Translation services companies & Developers of translation software