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​​Government and Management

​​​This page contains recommendations about performance improvements in  the direction of governmental agencies and private organizations


List of Ideas 

(Numbered in inverse, bottom-up sequence, most recent item displayed first)

4. Personal Digital Card with Personal Health History

3. TV & Radio Game Shows with Prizes to Participants with Best Knowledge of Political Candidates Proposals

2. Conflict of Interest Policy in Government Offices and Private Companies
1. Campaining against Heads of State Staying in Office Longer than Eight Years


4​- Title: Personal Digital Card with Personal Health History 

Subtitle: Implementation of Health History Digital Card with Universal Standard Format

Description: In most countries every patient when visiting a doctor for the first time must spend 15-30 minutes filling forms with personal data about his/her health history. Forms are commonly confusing and error prone and their processing is time consuming. Health data for every individual could be sotred in a digitial car, as it is done in several European countries since long ago. Where confidentiality is required, either by law or patients' preference, some pieces of data can be either ommitted or password controlled.​ ​


3 - Title: Proposals Motivation for Voters to Learn & Understand the Alternatives Politicians Are Proposing

Subtitle: Implementation of TV & Radio Game Shows with Prizes to Participants with Best Knowledge about political candidates Government proposals and their résumés & past accomplishments.  
Description: Voters worldwide have very little knowledge of neither the job history & personnal accomplishments of political candidates for government positions nor their actual project proposals /project implementation plans. People make decisions on the candidates they are voting for very much the same way they choose products & services where advertising plays the most significant role. The idea is run TV & Radio game shows, partially sponsored by governments, in which participants compete on questions about candidates' proposals, plans and personal histories. Through these programs there would be intensive discussions which would ilustrate voters & promote intelligent voting. 

DriversGovernment & Interest Groups.


2 - Title: Conflict of Interest Policy in Government Offices and Private Companies

Idea: Set a standard for senior employees of government offices & private companies the periodic subscribing to conflict of interest policy. 

Description: Such policy would ban business transactions between employees or their immediate family, on one side, and any government & company unit within the sphere of influence of the employee. Whenever such transactions occur or might occur, employees must advise their superiors about the existence of the actual or potential ethical conflicts. The 'generalization' of this practice should lead to Increased awareness of ethical behavior in public offices and private companies​ with the consequent reduction of corruption.

DriversIntergovernmental organizations and national governments

Source: This idea comes from the experience of the owner of this website as the Coordinator & Driver Agent of the Business Ethics / Conflict of Interests Policies for five years in Intercol & Esso Colombiana, the Colombian affiliate of Exxon Corporation.  


1 - Title: Campaigning against Heads of State Staying in Office Longer than Eight Years

SubtitleDiscouraging Heads of State's Time to stay in office longer than Eight Years 

Idea: This objective may be promoted through a number on initiatives. For example, focus groups in the academia, media and ONG's (among many) might demand from International Organizations the establishment of a kind of "negative" status  for countries whose leaders in office  (President, Prime Minister, Head of Government, etc.) have stayed in office longer than eight years. Every country should adhere to this initiative by making it part of their constitution (when it is not already there). The goal of this idea is to reduce the number of country dictators worldwide and the corruption generated from  leaders being reelected 'democratically' for indefinite periods. 

Drivers: Leaders of countries with active and functioning democracies, and focus groups everywhere.