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Bank of Ideas: Erasers in Players

Title: Erasing unwanted songs in digital music players 

Idea: Add feature to music player that allow the elimination of unwanted songs either (or both) by selection or while such songs are played.

Date: 2012/12/12

Sector & Activity: Technology

Area: Entertainmentl

Where: Every country where digital music players are manufactured 

Benefits & Problems solved: Unwanted songs must be skipped manually which is cumbersome. 


Beneficiaries: Music players owners

Owners & Agents: Music players manufacturers as Apple (the by-far leader), Sandisk and Microsoft.

Cost & Effort: Low to medium

Comments & Suggestions: Given the huge volume of songs in modern players, most are undesired by owners. Doing the removal while they are played, is more practical than doing it through the laptop.



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