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About Us


The section CreIDEAtivity of this website contains a number of ideas that come (mostly) from the head of Gustavo Estrada. These ideas should generate benefits to companies that decide to implement them. We hope to make this site dynamic; we will keep adding items as good suggestions come to our mind and time is available to publish them.


Gustavo Estrada worked for many years in Information Technology, Continuous Improvement and Business Process Design and Reengineering. When we moved to the United States, however, we found the sale of “individual” consulting services particularly hard; therefore, we are now “brain storming” in a very open fashion. We hope that our recommendations will prove useful for many organizations.


The format of  CreIDEAtivity is self-explanatory and quite informal 

Comments & Other Ideas

Readers’ comments, questions and new ideas are welcome. Readers can submit their notes through the Comments page. The owner of the website reserves the right to publish submissions. There is no monetary remuneration of any kind for those suggestions & texts.

Use of Ideas  

Individuals and companies are free to implement any of the ideas in this website without any financial obligation. However, they may give voluntary donations to the author through this same website.

If you have a mission statement, place it here.
This page should include information such as company history; certifications, licenses, insurance, and bonding; awards; the professional experience of the founders or key employees; and other important details not included on other pages. You may want to include a picture of yourself or your staff.

Customer testimonials
What do your customers have to say? Consider using some space to tell the story of the business through your customers' voices. Their word is more powerful than anything you can say for yourself.