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MOST RECENT ARTICLES Will Information Technology Control us?
Information technology has progressed so extraordinarily and rapidly recently that a frightening possibility arises that humans might lose control and, eventually, certain critical technological developments could evolve to become a threat to civilization.​ ​

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Reality and Fantasy​ 
Are supernatural powers real? No! Levitation, divination, telepathy, telekinesis, energy healing and the similar are quackery. Why do so many people believe in such stuff? Because distortions in their mental models have altered their perception of reality.

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How many peop​le meditate? 
The Net is flooded with links about the benefits of meditation on​​ everything else that helps us to live in harmony. If meditation is so valuable and it only demands us sitting down to observe our inner world, a couple of obvious questions arise: How many people meditate? Why are not there more meditators?

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Religion, Science and Consciousness

Religions assert the existence of an immaterial principle, parallel to the physical body, which somehow generates both consciousness and the sense of identity. For science, in contrast, consciousness is a physical phenomenon.​
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Meditation, Alzheimer's disease and Migraines​

If we 'google' Alzheimer's and mindfulness meditation, we will get a dozen articles about the benefits of this practice in the slowing of the fateful disease. Should we meditate to elude the prospect of dementia in our late years?​
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Space, Time, Here and Now 

The past is gone; the future has not yet arrived. “Live the present! Flow with life!” claim many personal growth prophets. Such recommendations make sense, don’t they? But what a piece of useless advice! As much as we try, it is not possible to fasten us to our 'now' or to flow on purpose around our 'here'. Is there a way to attain such attractive qualities? 

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​Dementia and Euthanasia
​​The living will is a document in which a person states his or her choice to die rather than to be kept artificially alive in the event of becoming disabled beyond any reasonable expectation of recovery. Euthanasia, on the other hand, is the assisted death to a person with a terminal illness who expresses his or her desire to die. In the first case, any artificial devices sustaining the life of the dying patient are removed; in the second, the patient is painlessly killed.​

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Meditation and Mindfulness

There is an apparent difference in the views of two well-known Eastern sages, Japanese thirteenth-century Zen Buddhist sage Eihei Dōgen, founder of the Sōtō school of Zen, and twentieth century Indian spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti. The divergence comes from two notions, complementary and intimately connected: mindfulness meditation, as an exercise, and mindfulness, as a desirable permanent mental state.

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This website is mostly about inner harmony and the actions we all must take—the cravings we should stop, the aversions we should release, the biased views we should let go—in order to allow the spontaneous blossoming of such quality. Inner harmony is an internal state that permits us to be at peace and act confidently even in the face of difficulties. 
We must not run after inner harmony; when we pursue it we lose it. The task to do is removing the barriers—the cravings, aversions and biased views—that block its appearance in our lives; mindfulness meditation is the tool to destroy such barriers. Modern science is now not only confirming the benefits of mindfulness meditation but also explaining why and how meditation works.Furthermore, this site discusses topics in several other areas—evolutionary sciences, biology, genetics, anthropology—that should help readers in the understanding of the relationships between brain and mindfulness meditation. 
The site also includes some additional content partially or totally disconnected from the core subjects. (This fusion is done out of the author’s sloth to cover such topics in a separate blog; he regrets the confusion such mix might create.)
The writings of this site are the total responsibility of Gustavo Estrada, the author of its whole content (unless otherwise noted). Gustavo Estrada is chemical engineer by academic formation (National University in Bogotá, Colombia, and Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden), information systems manager and consultant through his professional career, dedicated student of psychology and evolutionary sciences by intellectual curiosity, unaffiliated meditator to open his mind  to inner harmony, and apprentice of the teachings of the Buddha through direct experience​.​​​​

​Unless specifically forbidden, any individual article in this site (one by one, 'not massively or collectively', and not for sale or advertising) might be published in newspapers, magazines, blogs or websites provided that authorship and source are acknowledged: The author's name and the web link associated to the text must be displayed.​​